Painted Stave Distilling Off the Hoof Scrapple Flavored Vodka Launching in the Delaware Market

10561821_937569112973520_7099586748855680170_nSmyrna, Delaware–Off the Hoof Scrapple Flavored Vodka, from Painted Stave Distilling, will be launching in the Delaware market on April 26, 2015. This small batch vodka has been distilled with real, Delaware scrapple and traditional scrapple herbs and spices for a robust flavor.

The bottle features a custom label illustrated by a local Delaware artist. The illustration depicts a tough-looking swine, tattooed with Painted Stave Distilling’s iconic pin-up girl, Sandy. Sandy is Painted Stave Distilling’s personification of their test still or “frankenstill” where the Off the Hoof spirit was created.

Three kick-off events, in southern, central and northern Delaware, have been scheduled to promote the launch. Painted Stave Distilling will be hosting the first, official Off the Hoof brunch on Sunday, April 26, 2015 from 11am to 3pm. The event will include craft cocktails, food – including signature scrapple egg rolls from the Delaware Egg Roll, games, and music from local bands STR and The Quixote Project. The first 100 people to order an Off the Hoof Bloody Mary in a pint will receive a complimentary glass.

The following two events will be held during brunch hours on Sunday, May 3, 2015 at Kid Shelleen’s in Wilmington, DE and The Starboard in Dewey Beach, DE where the first 80 people at each venue to order a Off the Hoof cocktail will receive a complimentary glass.

Off the Hoof Scrapple Flavored Vodka is recommended for cocktails that highlight its unique flavor such as a modern Bloody Mary or Scrappletini. The vodka sells at a suggested retail price of $19.99 for a 750ml bottle.

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Contact Information

Ronald R. Gomes, Jr. Ph.D.
“Modern Alchemist”

Michael Rasmussen
“Still Charmer”



  1. Foster August 9, 2015 Reply

    Can we buy you scrapple flavor vodka in PA? I am excited to try it but won’t be going to DE for awhile. Hope your going to be selling it in PA liquor stores.

    • PaintedStave August 9, 2015 Reply

      Sorry, we are not available in PA yet. All the fees to apply to the state are a bit much for us right now but we hope to be able to justify the expense next year. Truth be told though, it is unlikely to be in state stores any time soon. They require LOTS of money in promotions to get placement in the stores. It will likely be available through the order system though. Thanks for your interest thought!

  2. Susan McHenry January 20, 2016 Reply

    i am in Ocean City MD. Can I buy Off the Hoof near me?

    • PaintedStave January 21, 2016 Reply

      Yes, You can find us right over the state line at Banks Wine and Spirits in Selbyville and possibly at Beach Wine and Spirits in Fenwick. I would call either before hand to make sure they have it in stock. Thanks!

  3. Jim Tolson February 3, 2016 Reply

    Scrapple lovers in Northern Virginia are wondering if it can be purchased near us as well. Might make an amazing Bloody Mary. Thanks.

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