Meet the Team

Ron Gomes, Jr., Ph.D

Ron thought he would be spending his career in a laboratory (thus the Ph.D after his name), and worked hard at being an upstanding scientist for many years.  Alas, the call of fine spirits crept into his life and before he knew it he was leaving the lab for the distillery.  His need to apply the scientific method to cocktails has lead him to significant “research” studies over the past few years, though he has struggled to publish his research as none of the peer reviewers have been able to keep up.  When not running the distillery he can usually be found cycling on Delaware’s back roads, cursing the flats and ever-present headwinds.  He lives in Middletown, DE with his wife and two daughters.

Ron really enjoyed the 80's!

Mike Rasmussen

Mike’s passion for spirits started long before it should have, and managed to get him in some hot water here and there in his youth.  He never has a cocktail before 7am on weekdays after a full moon and has managed to accumulate a collection of hard to find spirits that excite his friends and puts fear in the hearts of his family.  There is always some kind of an experiment going on in his basement, and when he isn’t working at the distillery he likes to throw axes and talk like a pirate.  He lives in Smyrna, DE with his very tolerant wife, his unsuspecting daughter, and mildly bemused son.