Why Distilling?

From History to Innovation

Before Prohibition in the early part of the 20th Century, there were thousands of small distilleries operating in communities around the United States.  When those dark days ended in 1933, only a few large distilleries survived, and Americans tastes in spirits had begun to move from full flavored whiskey and brandy to lighter whiskeys, gin, and eventually vodka.

It took nearly 70 years after prohibition for the craft distilling industry to begin to recover.  Today, we are seeing small distilleries, rooted in their communities, begin to reappear across the country, and it is Painted Stave Distilling’s goal to bring that energy to Delaware.

Painted Stave Distilling was founded to bring great craft spirits back to our region, and to highlight the best of local agriculture.  We partner with local farmers and small businesses to create fine spirits that are unique and come with a sense of place.  We do so in a building full of history, using American made equipment, with one foot planted in the past traditions of our industry and one leading into what we know will be a bright future.

Our Stills