FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Legacy Distilling to open under new name, Painted Stave Distilling

For Immediate Release:

Legacy Distilling to open under new name: Painted Stave Distilling

SMYRNA – Legacy Distilling will begin operations under the name Painted Stave Distilling as of March 15. The name change is necessary to avoid a potential conflict with another spirits manufacturer.

Painted Stave refers to a prohibition-era ruse where tickets to see something odd, like a painted stave (the individual wood strips that form the sides of the barrel), would be offered for sale. The purchasers would be led into a room where they would receive a drink in exchange for their ticket. The oddity may or may not have been on display, but it was clear to the purchasers that they were buying tickets for something entirely different.

Delaware’s first stand-alone craft distillery, Painted Stave Distilling will be located in the Old Smyrna Theater, at 106 W. Commerce St. in downtown Smyrna. The 6,300-square-foot distillery will be open for tours, tastings and sales on Thursdays through Sundays starting in late May.

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