IMG_1946Expect more limited edition whiskeys from Painted Stave

Smyrna, Delaware – On June 27, 2015, Painted Stave Distilling will release their first aged whiskey, ‘Ye Old Barley Whiskey’ as part of their Avant-garde Collection. Crafted with local ingredients, double-distilled and rested in a seasoned bourbon barrel for one year, Ye Old Barley marks the first Whiskey release in Delaware in over 100 years. The spirit closely resembles an Irish style pot-still whiskey, made from 80% unmalted barley and 20% malted barley with a heavy dose of smoked malts to imbue the spirit with a distinct smoke character. The flavor is balanced with notes of vanilla and toffee, as well as a light oak profile drawn into the whiskey from the barrel. This whiskey is fully appreciated when sipped neat or on the rocks, but also stands up well in cocktails that showcase it’s distinct flavor profile.

A limited supply of Ye Old Barley Whiskey will be available at the distillery as well as select retailers in Delaware, Maryland, and Washington D.C. The 90 proof spirit will be featured in a 375ml bottle. Distilled, aged and bottled at the distillery in Smyrna, this product is a testament to the unique style and character Painted Stave Distilling brings to Delaware. Ye Old Barley is suggested to retail at $24.99 per bottle.

About Painted Stave Distilling

Painted Stave Distilling (PSD) was founded in the fall of 2011 to bring great craft spirits back to our region. They partner with local farmers and small businesses to create fine spirits that are unique and come with a sense of place. Located in an historic movie house and using American made equipment, PSD approaches distilling with one foot planted in past traditions and one leading into the future of craft spirits. The distillery is located at 106 W. Commerce Street in Smyrna, DE.



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